How girls can competently and quickly pump arm muscles

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Preparing for weight training. Warm up and basic exercises on the muscles of the hands. Useful tips and tricks.

Without beautiful hands, it is difficult for women to count on a perfect look. Sagging skin in the biceps area clearly does not give charm and recalls only the absence of sports loads. But this can be solved – just pay attention to the training of the main muscle groups of the limbs – biceps, shoulders and triceps. Competent exercises will allow you to tighten the muscles, give it a slight relief and remove unnecessary sagging. So how to pump up the hands of a girl? What exercises will be most effective?


Preparatory Activities

To properly pump up the muscles of the hands, you need to prepare well. In particular, you have two options – to study at home or go to the gym. If the task is only to raise your hands, then the question can be solved at home. All that is required is to prepare two dumbbells weighing 1.5 and 2 kilograms. For the first time this is enough, but after some time the weight needs to be increased. The mass of the dumbbell should be such that in one approach it turns out to do 15-20 repetitions.

If you have fat in your arms, keep in mind that pumping up your muscles will make your arms even larger. So the excess fat needs to be driven separately – swim in the pool and include aerobic exercise in training.


Useful notes

There are some interesting facts that will be useful to you:

  • in order to pump up your hands and make them more attractive, it’s important to spend time training 3-4 times a week. A big plus of the hands is that they respond well to the load, so the result is achieved very quickly;
  • for men, first of all, the beauty of the legs is important, but women should be engaged in their entire figure (including hands);
  • if you do bending exercises, then the biceps of the arm receives the load;
  • with extensible exercises, triceps is worked out perfectly;
  • work with weights, their retention and rotation allows you to train muscle fibers in the forearm.

The importance of warming up

Before starting a workout, be sure to warm up all the muscles of the body. A good workout lasting 10-15 minutes is a must. Using it, you can prepare the joints and muscles themselves for subsequent loads, minimizing the risk of sprains or other injuries. A great option for warming up – swings and rotation.




Now we’ll directly consider how to pump up a girl’s hands, and with what exercises this is best done. The choice in this regard is very large, but we will pay attention only to the most effective and safe methods:

  1. Back push ups. The advantage of this exercise is the ability to pump your hands even at home. The greatest load here is the triceps – the muscles located on the back of the arm (between the shoulder and elbow). Due to the good load in this exercise, you can get rid of excess fat in the hands. To do this, become in a position that is relevant for ordinary push-ups. After that, start lowering the body until the moment you touch your chest to the floor. In the second phase of the exercise, return to the original position. Do somewhere 12-14 reps. In this case, pay attention to the muscles of the press – they must be tense. An equally important point is a flat back, otherwise the effectiveness of the exercise may be lost. If push-ups in the usual version are difficult to do, then you can get on your knees.
  2. Failures. As in the past case, this exercise works out the triceps area perfectly. Take a position on the end of the bench, put your hands near the body on one and the other side so that you can grab the bench. While doing this, stretch your legs forward so that they stand on your heels. Now “move out” from the seat, begin to bend your elbows and gradually lower yourself down. Once the shoulders and flooring are parallel, return to the starting point. The number of repetitions is 12-14 times.
  3. Slopes with dumbbells. In this case, dumbbells, which we have already mentioned above, come in handy. Here, not only the arms, but also partially the muscles of the back, abs, and shoulders get a load. To perform the exercise, stand in the usual stance when the legs are shoulder width apart, take the elbow joint a little back and bring the load to the waist area. Next, tilt the body alternately in both directions. There should be three such approaches, the number of repetitions is 13-14 times.
  4. Bending the arms. We must not forget that the beauty of the hands is formed not only by the triceps, but also by the biceps muscle. Therefore, in her training, it is important for her to pay attention. Also, bending the arms with dumbbells allows you to eliminate excess fat from the arms, which is one of the main goals. To perform the exercise, straighten and spread your legs somewhere at shoulder level. First, start lifting one dumbbell with extra bicep tension. At the peak point, make sure that the palm “looked” in the sternum. After that, return one hand to its place and raise the other in the same way. Do the exercise so that the total is 10-14 repetitions. During approaches, make sure that your elbows are firmly pressed to your sides.
  5. Bench press. In modern gyms, simulators are provided on which you can successfully pump all parts of the deltas. At the same time, the exercise is also available with free weights. The principle of implementation is simple. Take the correct position on the bench, straighten your back, take dumbbells in your hands. The elbow joint should be somewhere at shoulder level. Once the starting position is occupied, start pushing the dumbbells up until the arms are fully extended. After return to the original. The total number of repetitions is 10-12.



Keep in mind that putting your hands in order, tightening your muscles and removing fat is not a problem at all. The main secret of success is regular training and striving for a goal.

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